• Iris Adams


Hello, and welcome to my new website! Thank you all for joining me here. I am excited to launch my own writing site and a place to host my work.

Feel free to browse the site and new stories I have posted:

“The Waitress and the Werewolf”: A waitress and a werewolf share early morning conversations at a 24-hour diner. The werewolf comes in starving from her past transformation, and the waitress tries to figure out what this muddy, shoeless stranger is doing there every month.

“Believer”: On an ice planet where the sun only rises every few years, two girls try to make the long climb to witness the sun for the first time. Over the years, something always seems to get in the way, but they grow closer as their wish for far-off stars seems farther away.

“Caitlin and Kate”: What do you do when you’re growing up, getting lost, trying to please parents and grades and society, and doing it together?

The story of two friends and the life you build when neither of you are watching.


If you enjoy these stories, please leave comments and share them with your friends! This is a new website and venture for me, and sharing my work helps me grow my enterprise and financially support myself.

Take a look around the new site, as well. I have a calendar for upcoming events, articles, and a bio page for a little more info about me.

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