• Iris Adams

Once More

It’s like water through my veins Lover, it’s not like there’s escape, I’ve drowned before, I’ll drown again. However many times it takes.

It’s a bruising heart, a battered Cage where I put my love to save, Taken to the ocean’s edge Buried in the bottom place, I’ll dig it up again, However many times it takes.

I know you don’t believe You were ever worthy of such things, That the world did spin  In ways that let you breath Or pray to things that listen, I know you don’t believe You were born to be held, Or cradled, or told again That your smile is the finest Resistance.

So I’ll return, even as my Bruising heart does taste It’s darkened spots and  Knows the world isn’t all soft promises, The apple tastes just as bitter As when Eve sampled blisters. But I’ll bite again However many times it takes.

Lover, I hear you in the night Ready to run as a frantic blazing light Past the great horizon To the plains of silence, Past all their trite condolences And to the cold cold sky That makes no promises.

Lover, I know this world Has felt like walls I know this world has Tried so hard To break the little bits Of safety pins stuck in every Belief you’ve ever mustered. I know you’ve run, Picked it all up Again and again

And tried to save yourself, However many times it took.

But the rivers rushing out And out and out Does it not always reach the oceans? Does the sun not rise again to kiss the heavens? Does the moon, the moon, the moon, She returns to fullness with each new turn. Don’t leave me lover, Drown with me, I’ve never found a better way To spend the only currency of pain That tasted sweet as salted waters, And given me reason to erect houses,

Come with me. And we’ll try again, However many times it takes.